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  • spiritoftheseason

    A Spirit of the Season


    featuring Sissel Kyrkjbø
    Although Sissel Kyrkjebø has been singing since she was 15 and made her European debut the next year, it wasn't until the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer that American audiences were introduced to her during her magnificent singing of the Olympic's Opening Anthem. With many CDs and awards, she has teamed up with vocal ... ... more

Choirs associated with Midwestern Lutheran Colleges are known for their excellence in a cappella singing and for their perfection in all aspects of choral interpretation.

Great Hymns of Faith The St. Olaf (College) Choir is the pioneer a cappella choir in the United States. For more than a century, since F. Melius Christiansen founded this college’s music program in 1903, the St. Olaf Choir has set a standard of choral excellence and remained at the forefront of choral artistry. Under the direction of Anton Armstrong, this choir continues to develop this rich tradition.

Although the choir has produced many excellent recordings, two recent CDs mark the first time the group has produced entire recordings of common hymns. One or both of these CDs would make an excellent gift for the person who truly appreciates the beauty of well-performed choral works or one who delights in hearing familiary humns. (If you are curious about the contents of each CD, send an email to:

  • scand_dances

    Favorite Scandinavian Dances


    by Walter Eriksson and his Orchestra
    Walter Eriksson grew up in Brooklyn, New Yrok, the son of ethnic Swedes from Finland. Coming from a musical family, he began studying accordion at an early age and was playing professionally by the age of 14. He studied with, and styled his playing after, some of the most ... ... more

  • ole_ivars

    Ole Ivars Spellemannsblod


    by Ole Ivars
    Since 1964, "Ole Ivars" — the title for this group of five — has been Norway's leading dance band. The group includes Tore Halvorsen (vocal, acoustic guitar), William Kristoffersen (vocal, bass), Ole Odegard (keyboards), Arne Willy Foss (floyte, clarinet, sax), and Arild Engh (drums). Spellemannsblod is a collection ... ... more

  • Sale! storebro_lillebror

    Storebror og Lillebror

    $16.00 $12.00

    Arna Rennan and Nordic Angst
    Storebror og Lillebror, which translates as "Big Brother and Little Brother", is Arna's second CD, but she has now formalized a backup band called Nordic Angst — a term used by Americans to describe the perceived darkness of the Nordic culture, the kind of darkness found in Ingmar Bergman ... ... more

  • stolaf

    A St. Olaf Christmas in Norway


    St. Olaf College Choir
    In 2005, the renowned St. Olaf Choir recorded A St. Olaf Christmas in Norway with the Nidarosdomens Jentekor and esteemed soloist Randi Stene in Trondheim, Norway. The recording honors Norway's 100 years of independence and celebrates the historic and cutural connections between St. Olaf College and ... ... more

  • cd_swedish_christmas

    A Swedish Christmas


    Anne-Charlotte and Ellen Harvey
    Anne-Charlotte Harvey and her daughter, Ellen, sing songs for a traditional Santa Lucia festival, as well as favorite songs for dancing around the Christmas Tree. The 20 songs include: Sankta Lucia; Hej, tomtegubbar; Stille natt, Hellige natt; Julpolska--nu har vi ljus; När juldagsmorgon glimmar; and others. ... ... more

Soundtracks and Humor CDs

  • cd_front_cbl

    Church Basement Ladies


    Church Basement Ladies, the first show in the series, is a humorous reflection about growing up in an era before women wore pants to church, and before men served in the church basement. Church Basement Ladies gives you heartfelt, hilarious insights into the lives of those who prepared and served at weddings, anniversaries, funerals ... ... more

  • cbl_away_cd

    Away in the Basement


    The CD of the Christmas production was recorded in the Fall of 2009 by five cast members. Unlike the first two productions, this show had two sets of cast members rotating in and out to meet the intensely scheduled calendar of holiday shows. Vocals on the recording are by Greta Grosch, Robbie Mancina, Dorian Chalmers, ... ... more

  • mighty_fortress

    A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement


    The songs on this CD center around the "reformation" which was underway in Midwestern churches in 1960, and how the Church Basement Ladies reacted to the changes. Some of their reactions included: Beverly's first pair of high heels for confirmation; the Pastor announcing his impending nuptials; Mrs. Snustad and Mrs. Gilmerson planning a food ... ... more

  • last_potluck

    The Last (Potluck) Supper


    Here is the soundtrack from the fifth musical in the Church Basement Ladies series. It is 1979, the day of the church’s Centennial Celebration, and past parishioners have gathered to share hotdish, bars, and stories from the last 100 years. As the women work in the kitchen, these shared memories burst into life through a ... ... more



Those Lutheran Ladies: Live at Medora

Just when we think everyone in the U.S. and Canada must already have eight or nine copies of this 20-minute humor tape, we get more orders for it! No, we aren’t complaining, and no, it isn’t music, and we don’t sing or play instruments — at least not in public. But now, in response to requests, it is again available in CD format.

“Those Lutheran Ladies” are, of course, Janet Letnes Martin and me, Suzann Nelson. Yup, I guess we are still funny, but perhaps not as peppy as we were in 1998. Go to ‘Those Lutheran Ladies’. Recorded live in 1998 at the Medora Musical (held each summer in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park), this humorous tape, about growing up on farms in quiet Norwegian-Lutheran communities in the 50s in the Midwest, is perhaps tied in popularity with our book, Growing Up Lutheran.

  • Growing Up Lutheran Sound Version

    Growing Up Lutheran


    Audiobook in CD format Read by authors Suzann Nelson & Janet Martin, & a few select friends Authors Nelson & Martin read an abridged version of their bestselling book, Growing Up Lutheran, in their natural Norwegian-American brogues. Chapters are introduced with excerpts from familiar Lutheran hymns. In other words, there are no hymns from the green ... ... more


  • Sale! Charlie_Chocolate Fac

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    $14.99 $8.00

    Adapted from Roald Dahl's story
    Roald Dahl, like many of Rural Route Bookstore's customers, was 100% Norwegian. However, his parents emigrated to Wales rather than America. Dahl — a prolific writer of adult and children's stories, screenplays, novels, and short stories — became internationally known for his writing and ... ... more

  • Sale! Jiggle Your Jell-O DVD

    Jiggle Your Jell-O DVD

    $14.95 $10.00

    DVD Featuring "Those Lutheran Ladies," David Cook and Greta Grosch. Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson, commonly known as "Those Lutheran Ladies," have adopted new personas for this crazy DVD. Watch them portray Myrtle Klemetson and Ethel Urness, Emil's Mrs. — the ladies just down the road apiece — as they try to understand the younger generation ... ... more


  • delafield



    Mark Brodin, producer/director
    "Way to make me bawl out loud--all alone--on a Saturday night! When something evokes emotion in this old Norwegian Lutheran body, you know you have something that hits close to the heart. This is an absolutely beautiful, touching documentary." An email from Suzann Nelson to the producer of the video. It is apparent ... ... more