A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement




The songs on this CD center around the “reformation” which was underway in Midwestern churches in 1960, and how the Church Basement Ladies reacted to the changes. Some of their reactions included: Beverly’s first pair of high heels for confirmation; the Pastor announcing his impending nuptials; Mrs. Snustad and Mrs. Gilmerson planning a food booth at the County Fair; and Mrs. Engelson embarking on a spontaneous driving lesson.

Songs include The Boogie Woogie Bulwark, After I’m Confirmed, The Ballad of Mrs. Elroy Engelson, Growing Up, Born to Farm, All Heaven Broke Loose, An Absolutely Perfect Day, Pickle Queen, and That’s Lutheran Love.

Based on Norwegian-Lutheran humor books written by Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson
Script by Greta Grosch
Music and Lyrics by Drew Jansen
Directed by Curt Wollan