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Children Vikings and Adventurers


  • by Fiona MacDonald
    Set sail for an adventure! Travel with Eric the Red and his son Leif Eriksson as they set out across the wild Atlantic Ocean to settle strange new lands. Go with them as they risk stormy seas in search of a new world. The Viking Codex is as much an art book as an ... ... more

  • by Robert Macleod
    This book has almost everything except the kitchen sink. It contains huge colorful paintings and plenty of charts and diagrams designed for older children. Chapters focus on the Age of Vikings, Exploring the World, Viking Attack!, Life in Viking Times, and Legend and Lore. The Scottish author, Robert Macleod, grew up on Scotland’s coastline ... ... more

  • by Jane Shuter
    This revised and updated 32-page book is part of the History Opens Windows series. It is an informative book perfect for an elementary school paper. The books in the History Opens Windows series help children discover what life was like in ancient civilizations and other historic times. Filled with colorful diagrams and photos of ... ... more

  • by Jane Shuter
    In the Picturing the Past series, this book explains exactly what the title implies. It has maps showing where they traveled, and photos of tools they used and modern copies of what their homes looked like. The book does a good job of explaining why the Vikings of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden had to take ... ... more

  • by Eliizabeth Raum
    This book is in the Linking the Past and Present series offered by Heinemann. Along with a glossary and a list of key dates, the book deals with who they were, who were the raiders, how did they build ships, what new worlds did they discover, etc. Like the book, The Vikings, by Jane ... ... more

  • by A. G. Smith
    Paperback Coloring/Illustration Book
    This 48-page coloring book contains thoroughly researched, factual narrative chronicling the exciting life of the Norsement -- their Viking life in Norway and Iceland, raids into England and France, and their presence in America and Russia. Along with thirty-eight very detailed illustrations, there are also maps and information and ... ... more

  • by Jane Chisholm and Struan Reid
    A 32-page, fact-filled paperback with colorful sketches of the Viking life including homes, dress, ships, gods, games and alphabet. The facts are made more interesting with the addition of specific addresses to Usborne Web links that lead the reader to even more information, pictures, puzzles and games. Written for children ... ... more

  • by Peter Chrisp
    Thora, a girl living in Orkney off the coast of Scotland in the year 942, invites the reader to explore her world through crafts, activities, stories, and historical facts. Directions for activities such as making jewelry, an antler comb or a Viking ball make this book great for class projects or at-home pretending. ... ... more