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Genealogy Resources


Genealogists’ Resource and Guide Books

  • by Stew Thornley
    In the introduction, Thornley writes, “Cemetery surfing has become an increasingly popular hobby... . People making treks include genealogists tracing their roots, artists and writers admiring the monuments and epitaphs, travelers looking to get off the beaten path... . Visitors respond in different ways to what they encounter, taking pictures, making rubbings, ... ... more

  • June Drenning Holmquist; ed.
    Why did emigrants leave their homelands and move to Minnesota? Where in the state did they settle? What did they do, and how did they organize? How did they maintain their ethnicity? These are just a few of many deep questions addressed in this massive document making the subtitle, "A Survey of ... ... more


Genealogy-related Books based on Specific Locations or Families

  • by Maxine Shulstad
    This wonderful new book is more than a family history. It traces 200 years of Maxine's ancestor's lives, loves, trials and victories. Contains family photos and other treasures, including Sigrid's trunk. ... more