Civil War and Community Life


Civil War

  • MN in Civil War

    Minnesota in the Civil War: An Illustrated History


    by Kenneth Carley
    Hardcover / Paperback
    Although Minnesota was one of the least populated states in 1861 when the Civil War broke out, and had achieved statehood less than 3 years earlier, Minnesotans —many of Scandinavian origin who had recently arrived in America, and quite a few who had not even become citizens in the U.S. yet ... ... more

  • Gallant Deed

    No more Gallant a Deed: A Civil War Memoir of the first Minnesota Volunteers


    by James A. Wright, Orderly Sergeant in Company F; Steven J. Keillor, editor
    Wright's memoir is based on his diaries and letters from this 3 years in Company F of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Civil War. Painstakingly edited by Keillor, this book has been called the fullest personal account of ... ... more

  • last_full_measure

    The Last Full Measure: The Life and Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers


    by Richard Moe
    Minnesota, the newest state in the Union, became the first to send volunteers to fight in the Civil War. That "first" perhaps marked the beginning of Minnesota's ongoing reputation as a very citizen-participatory state. In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln put out a call for troops. Shortly after that, MN Governor Ramsey volunteered 1,000 men ... ... more

  • go_if_you_think

    Go If You Think It Your Duty: A Minnesota Couple’s Civil War Letters


    by Andrea R. Foroughi
    During the Civil War, James Madison Bowler and Elizabeth Caleff Bowler courted, married, became parents, and bought a farm. They attended dances, talked politics, and confided their deepest fears. However due to the war, they went to — and through — many of these events separately, sharing them with each other through ... ... more

  • bracketts_bat

    Brackett’s Battalion


    by Kurt D. Bergemann
    Shipment just arrived at Rural Route Bookstore. ... more


Community Life

  • Norwegians on Prairie

    Norwegians on the Prairie: Ethnicity and the Development of the Country Town


    by Odd Lovoll
    Hardcover / Paperback
    Lovoll, born in Norway and professor emeritus of history at St. Olaf College, has authored many books and articles on Norwegian immigration to the Upper Midwest. His earlier books, and those by many other authors, have generally been centered on experiences immigrants faced in big cities or on the hardships ... ... more

  • They_Chose_MN

    They Chose Minnesota


    June Drenning Holmquist; ed.
    Why did emigrants leave their homelands and move to Minnesota? Where in the state did they settle? What did they do, and how did they organize? How did they maintain their ethnicity? These are just a few of many deep questions addressed in this massive document making the subtitle, "A Survey of ... ... more

  • notable

    Notable North Dakotans


    by Erling N. Rolfsrud
    Twenty-four true stories about the people who shaped the "Flickertail State." ... more