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    Churches of Minnesota


    Photography by Doug Ohman Literary Reflections by Jon Hassler
    Jacketed Hardcover
    From the one-room chapel in a prairie town to the grandiose cathedral on a city street, churches -- which embody the spiritual history of their towns and neighborhoods -- stand at the heart of the Minnesota landscape. In this new book, photographer Doug Ohman and award-winning ... ... more

  • Growing Up Lutheran: What Does This Mean?

    Growing Up Lutheran: What Does This Mean?


    by Suzann Nelson & Janet Martin Paperback Still a bestseller, this is a cradle-to-grave humorous look at Lutherans in the '50s, especially those who were triply blessed by being rural and Scandinavian as well as Lutheran. Winner of the 1998 Minnesota Book Award for Humor and the Minnesota Independent Publishers' Award! Check out Those Lutheran Ladies. ... more

  • You Know You are Lutheran If...

    You Know You are Lutheran If…


    by Suzann Nelson & Janet Martin Paperback This book, boldly emblazoned with a picture of Martin Luther smack-dab on the front cover, is divided into 10 categories so it has something for almost everyone... Steadfast Lutherans, Contemporary Lutherans, Scandinavian Lutherans, Country Church Lutherans, Lutheran Church Basement Women, etc. A great gift idea for Lutherans of all types, (ALC, ELC, ... ... more

  • Luther's Small Dictionary: From AAL to Zululand

    Luther’s Small Dictionary: From AAL to Zululand


    by Suzann Nelson & Janet Martin
    This is written for full-blooded Lutherans, halfhearted Lutherans, Lutheran Wannabes and non-Lutherans who get dragged to the St. Olaf Christmas Concert and don't know why. It contains entries such as, "Zacchaeus -- a New Testament figure who, like many a Lutheran woman, was up a tree because company was coming ... ... more

  • They Glorified Mary, We Glorified Rice

    They Glorified Mary, We Glorified Rice


    by Suzann Nelson & Janet Martin
    A Catholic-Lutheran lexicon for those who have forgotten what it was like in the 50's. This little book is packed with great one-liners such as, "They had incense; we had Air Wick" and "They had patron saints; we pretty much fended for ourselves!" ... more

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    Mark Brodin, producer/director
    "Way to make me bawl out loud--all alone--on a Saturday night! When something evokes emotion in this old Norwegian Lutheran body, you know you have something that hits close to the heart. This is an absolutely beautiful, touching documentary." An email from Suzann Nelson to the producer of the video. It is apparent ... ... more

  • Growing Up Lutheran Sound Version

    Growing Up Lutheran


    Audiobook in CD format Read by authors Suzann Nelson & Janet Martin, & a few select friends Authors Nelson & Martin read an abridged version of their bestselling book, Growing Up Lutheran, in their natural Norwegian-American brogues. Chapters are introduced with excerpts from familiar Lutheran hymns. In other words, there are no hymns from the green ... ... more

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    “Confirmed Lutheran” T-shirt Reformation Red


    Above Martin Luther's Seal it says, "This is Most Certainly True" and below it the shirt is stamped just like a passport saying, "Confirmed Lutheran!" Good for today's confirmands as well as for those who "read for the minister" when memory work really mattered and "Public Questioning" or catechization was enough to make Lutheran boys' ... ... more