Immigrant Life


  • whiskey_breakfast

    Whiskey Breakfast: My Swedish Family, My American Life


    by Richard C. Lindberg
    This new book, copyright 2011, is a multigenerational tale of the Swedish-American experience. Lindberg — a first-generation, baby-boomer, Swedish American — has written an autobiography combining it with recent immigrant history and Swedish cultural history/politics, and has blended this with Chicago history focusing on how Chicago's Swedetoown became the center of ... ... more

  • i_go_america

    I Go to America Swedish American Women and the Life of Mina Anderson


    by Joy K. Lintelman
    Near the end of her life, Mina Anderson penned a lively memoir that helped Swedish novelist Vilhelm Moberg create “Kristina,” the central female character in his beloved emigrant novels. But Mina’s story was different from Kristina's. Moberg's character constantly yearned for Sweden. Mina herself wrote how grateful she was for the ... ... more

Jan Smith, Minnesota author and storyteller, has written these two related, regional books of historical fiction. The Maine referred to is a township in Otter Tail County, Minnesota that is home to Phelps Mill and, incidentally, the birthplace of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas.

  • rambling_round_maine

    Rambling ‘Round Maine: Phelps Mill


    by Jan Smith
    This is a fictional look at the daily life of a homesteading family of five in the year 1890. Many of the characters, events, and places, however, allude to actual local people and happenings of that year. This story is set in the area around in the Phelps Mill, a successful flourmill ... ... more

  • remembering_the_maine

    Remembering the Maine: Riding with Roosevelt


    by Jan Smith
    This book continues Nivek's story in 1898. Leaving his family's homestead, Nivek becomes a newspaper correspondent during the Spanish-American War. Together with his boyhood friends, Wing, an Ojibwa Indian, and Jesse, from Medora, North Dakota, the young men travel across country by horseback, train, and stagecoach to join Theodore Roosevelt and the ... ... more

  • The Red River Trails: Oxcart Routes between St. Paul and the Selkirk Settlement, 1820-1870


    by Rhoda R. Gilman, Carolyn Gilman, and Deborah M. Stultz Paperback If you heard stories about your grandfather taking the oxcart to St. Cloud for supplies and being gone for two weeks, this book, recently re-issued by the Minnesota Historical Society Press, is for you. It traces the paths running through Minnesota, North Dakota and Canada that ... ... more

  • checkered_years

    The Checkered Years: A Bonanza Farm Diary 1884 — 88


    by Mary Dodge Woodward
    Mary Dodge Woodward, a fifty-six-year-old widow and Vermonter by birth, moved from Vermont to Wisconsin, and then — with her two grown sons and a daughter — to a 1280 to 1500-acre bonanza wheat farm in Dakota Territory's Red River Valley in 1882. Woodward had the house they lived in moved more ... ... more

  • early_candlelight

    Early Candlelight


    by Maud Hart Lovelace
    Maud Hart Lovelace (1892 - 1980), author of the popular Betsy-Tacy books, first published this book in 1929. This historical novel set at Old Fort Snelling in the 1830s is a rich and romantic re-creation of the early territorial period in Minnesota's history. Young Deedee DuGay knew everyone at the fort in ... ... more

  • between_rocks

    Between Rocks and Hard Places


    by Ann Urness Gesme
    Now in its fourth printing, it has a beautiful new cover that reflects the beauty of Norway and does justice to Gesme's thorough research. Quite a few books cover the lives of Scandinavian immigrants in the United States. Between Rocks and Hard Places is one of the few books written ... ... more