History & World War II



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    The Prince and the Nanny

    $19.95 $10.00

    by Odell M. Bjerkness
    Readers interested in Norway's history and monarchy will find this book fascinating. It chronicles the early life of Norway's King Harald as told through journals kept by Inga Berg who was Prince Harald's nurse at Skaugum, the royal family’s estate in Asker near Oslo, the first 18 months of ... ... more

  • between_rocks

    Between Rocks and Hard Places


    by Ann Urness Gesme
    Now in its fourth printing, it has a beautiful new cover that reflects the beauty of Norway and does justice to Gesme's thorough research. Quite a few books cover the lives of Scandinavian immigrants in the United States. Between Rocks and Hard Places is one of the few books written ... ... more


World War II

  • moon_is_down

    The Moon Is Down


    by John Steinbeck
    A unique setting for a Steinbeck novel, this WWII story is set in a small Norwegian town, one that Nazis (aided by a trusted member of that community) have occupied, overrun, and exploited. As the plot progresses, Norwegians begin small, morale-boosting acts of rebellion leaving the Nazis to wonder if reports from home ... ... more

  • my_seven_lives

    My Seven Lives


    by Solveig Sedlet
    This biography, which reads like a novel, is a gripping tale of how WW II altered Sedlet's life. She relates events from pre-war years in rural Denmark to post-WWII in London to her current life in the United States, covering the transition from a peaceful childhood in a small Danish village to life ... ... more

  • skisagainst

    Skis Against the Atom


    by Knut Haukelid
    A true story about the Norwegian Resistance soldiers who sabotaged the Nazis' heavy water factory in Rjukan, Norway blocking the Germans' attempt to develop the atomic bomb. Written by Knut Haukelid, the leader of the sabotage team, this story was the basis of the movie starring Kirk Douglas called 'Heroes of Telemark.' ... more

  • betty

    Betty: A Story of Courage and Love


    by Arland Fiske
    ... more



  • finland

    Finland: The Land of Lakes


    by Franco Figari
    Remember when your practical brother-in-law announced at Thanksgiving that this year family gift exchanges must be limited to $10.00, and your mind went blank??? Well, Good Deals are hard to come by these days, but here is one. This beautiful 11 1/2" X 9 1/2", 128-page hardcovered book, packed with excellent colored ... ... more

  • norways_napshot

    Norway Snapshot Guidebook


    by Rick Steves
    If you are fortunate enough to be planning a trip to beautiful Norway, this guidebook will be a helpful companion. Contents include basic information on the best sights, hotels, restaurants and nightlife for Norway. Detailed information covers the main tourist sights, museums and harborfront of Oslo, plus a 'heart of Oslo' walk' and a ... ... more