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The Midwest


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  • by Michael Nordskog;
    Aaron Hautala, photographer
    Nordskog and Hautala's book is a full-color history and celebration of Finnish sauna in the western Great Lakes. Richly illuminated by Hautala's photographs of distinctive saunas from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, and Finland, Nordskog's narrative begins with the origins of Finnish sauna and the arrival of this practice in ... ... more

  • by Peg Meier
    Beloved pets. Holiday rituals. Schoolyard antics. Teenage perspectives on a world at war. Childhood is a mixed bag of challenges and joys wherever one grows up. In Minnesota, youthful memories may be arranged seasonally: making snow angels in January, swatting mosquitoes in July. In this, her "Growing Up in Minnesota" collection, Peg Meier ... ... more