Whiskey Breakfast: My Swedish Family, My American Life


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by Richard C. Lindberg


This new book, copyright 2011, is a multigenerational tale of the Swedish-American experience. Lindberg — a first-generation, baby-boomer, Swedish American — has written an autobiography combining it with recent immigrant history and Swedish cultural history/politics, and has blended this with Chicago history focusing on how Chicago’s Swedetoown became the center of Swedish immigrants’ social and cultural life.

Themes are similar to Moberg’s books that dealt with Swedish immigration 75 to 100 years earlier. This, Lindberg’s 15th book, deals with immigration-related conflicts in the 1940s and ’50s, the same time period in which Moberg’s books were being published.

Lindberg evokes a contemporary version of the haunted landscape of poverty and superstition from which his ancestors fled to America…only to suffer different demons in the new land. In the end his story is a redemptive one of endurance and survival.