Jiggle Your Jell-O DVD

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Featuring “Those Lutheran Ladies,” David Cook and Greta Grosch.
Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson, commonly known as “Those Lutheran Ladies,” have adopted new personas for this crazy DVD. Watch them portray Myrtle Klemetson and Ethel Urness, Emil’s Mrs. — the ladies just down the road apiece — as they try to understand the younger generation and attempt to please their children by “working out.”

To these two women the phrase, “working out,” means being a hired hand on a farm, or working at the nursing home in town. Myrtle and Emil’s Mrs. just don’t get it, but they try! Like typical Norwegian-American women of a former era, Myrtle and Ethel don’t have time to fool around exercising. They get plenty of that by just existing: dusting everything in sight both inside and out, “putting up,” serving at funerals, rolling lefse, cleaning the church, and feeding the menfolk’s bottomless pits.

If you need a good laugh, or know someone who does, this DVD will handle the situation. If you want to give a total “Jiggle Your Jell-O” Gift Package, add the T-shirt.