Storebror og Lillebror

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Arna Rennan and Nordic Angst


Storebror og Lillebror, which translates as “Big Brother and Little Brother”, is Arna’s second CD, but she has now formalized a backup band called Nordic Angst — a term used by Americans to describe the perceived darkness of the Nordic culture, the kind of darkness found in Ingmar Bergman films. Arna says the name was chosen because the band “represents both the perspective of traditional folk music interpreted through an American sensibility” and a “love and understanding of Nordic folk traditions.”

Nordic Angst uses an eclectic blend of traditional and nontraditional instruments such as the nyckelharpa, ocatave mandolin, electric guitar, accordion, overtone flute, acoustic guitar, and bass, and the songs on this recording include ballads from the Middle Ages, dance tunes such as the halling and pols, drinking songs, and, as Arna states, “a wayward tango or two with a contemporary sound that bridges time and cultures.” In summary, this CD blends traditional Norwegian folk music with a contemporary sound.