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by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire


Ola is the enchanting story of a dauntless Norwegian boy who takes off skiing one day and ends up having many unusual adventures before returning home. He meets new friends, joins a merry wedding party, encounters a howling dragon, skis to the Arctic region, gets caught in a tree, and learns bits of folklore from fishermen in the far north while pulling codfish from the icy waters.

The book, Ola, is both a glimpse of life as it once was in Norway and a tribute to the d’Aulaire’s zest for living. First published in 1932, this book has been the delight of several generations. “I remember well reading the names of Ola’s new friends, “Siri and Turi, Randi and Guri, Mari and Kari and Gro” to my children and now grandchildren. In a rhythmical fashion, I can have the best accent and can really roll the Rs.” SN