Christmas in the Trenches


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by John McCutcheon

Hardcover with CD

“And suddenly in two tongues one song filled the night sky.”

John McCutcheon, nominated for six Grammy Awards, has been called “America’s balladeer” and has been described as a cross between either Pete Seeger and Mr. Rogers, or a mixture of Will Rogers and Bruce Springsteen. In addition to kudos for his music, McCutcheon has won multiple Parent’s Choice and American Library Association awards for his writing, and numerous awards from educational groups for this particular book — geared to all ages.

Along with historically appropriate artistic illustrations (illustrated in beautiful, yet fittingly faded-appearing art by Henri Sørensen, Danish illustrator of many books), recipients of this book will receive the best of two McCutcheon’s talents: his touching story about a Christmas Eve truce instigated by the soldiers who were in mud-soaked trenches 100 feet apart — a place called No Man’s Land on the battlefields of Belgium, and an accompanying CD reading of this thought-provoking story that also features two of McCutcheon’s songs. The book also has the sheet music for his song, “Christmas in the Trenches.”

The narrator ends the story with “…all too soon the dawn reminded us it was time to get back to our own sides. Back to the trenches. Back to the waiting.”