Voices for the Land


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Photography by Brian Peterson

Essays and Thoughts by 52 Minnesotans


A few years ago, the Voices for the Land project, organized by the nonprofit group 1000 Friends of Minnesota, encouraged Minnesotans to write about the land they love, and to fight for its preservation. The Minneapolis Star Tribune published a selection of these essays, paired with Brian Peterson’s photos, in an award-winning series. Voices for the Land brings these essays and photos together now in paperbook form. Brian Peterson has been honored eight times as the Minnesota Press Photographer of the Year.

This marriage of words, images, and landscape provides a powerful reminder of our deep and abiding connection to the land. Fifty-two Minnesotans write about the special, sometimes secret, places that give their lives meaning. For some it is their home or cabin or lake; for others, it’s a family farm or neighborhood park, a backyard garden or north woods trail–all places where one finds a personal and spiritual connection to the land. The writers share the experience of these favorite places through their senses, from the aching tingle of a cold winter night and the sound of ice “singing” to the buzz of mosquitoes and the acrid smell of burning peat.