Trouble with Trolls


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by Jan Brett

This appealing story is influenced by Scandinavian folklore. The trolls who live on Mt. Baldy really, really want a dog, and Treva — the character in several of Brett’s books — has a dog she loves dearly named Tuffi. When Treva and Tuffi go walking to visit a cousin, the trouble begins and Treva must think fast and be clever enough to outwit five trolls. There are even twin trolls in this story!

Like Brett’s Christmas Trolls, and all the books Brett has written &/or illustrated, it is the detailed colorful artwork — Brett’s trademark — that really stands out, and she carries it through from action that happens underground to the very top of the mountain. Don’t forget to look for, and follow, the mysterious, curious hedgehog. What is he up to and why is he on the mountain?

Although the book is rated for ages 3 or 4 to 8, I am giving this to both of my two-year-old grandchildren. They will make a big game of trying to spot that silly (but helpful) hedgehog!  Do you adults know how hard it is to find a little hedgehog in detailed art work?  Set in Bergen, Norway.