The Last Hunter: An American Family Album


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by Will Weaver


Following in the footsteps of his father, Will Weaver — Minnesota author, novelist and outdoorsman — has been a hunter since he was a young boy. As he writes, “in the fall, when Canada geese came through and when partridge season opened,

[we] heard the far-off thudding report of shotguns—and in November the heavier poom-poom! of deer rifles.” The Last Hunter is an examination of family, life on the land, and those things we hold dear enough to want to carry along, one generation to another.

Hunting frames Weaver’s childhood memories, his relationship with his father, and his own definition of self. And although one side of his family lineage includes men who would not hunt, go to war, or carry a rifle, Weaver is caught off guard when his son and daughter show no interest in upholding the tradition of the hunt.

The Last Hunter has been called “a 21st century collection of deeply personal tales—a truly American story.” Weaver’s heartfelt rendering sweeps the reader along on a family journey from an isolated North Dakota farm “built around a fork and shovel” to postmodern America.