The Children of Noisy Village


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by Astrid Lindgren


In this charming book, Lindgren writes about the yearlong fun and everyday life of six humorous children — Lisa, Karl, Britta, Anna, Olaf and Bill — who live on three neighboring farms. People in that area refer to the location as “noisy village” because of the high-spirited life and fun found there. Join the children as they celebrate holidays, go crayfishing, go “nutting” for the New Year, and interact with their families and neighbors.
Lindgren not only depicts a village with a special charm, but also creates a perfect children’s world, touching with its simplicity. The stories are from a bygone era in Sweden when the most important task of a little girl was to play with friends, and the greatest worry was to find the eggs of the old hen. The book teaches cultural history, but is also a great escape from life in today’s world. Reading level: Ages 9 to 12.