Swedish Christmas Crafts


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by Helene S. Lundberg


Lundberg, a talented woman in Sweden, has published numerous books about Swedish crafts, decorating and entertaining. In this recently released book, translated by Annika S. Hipple, Lundberg lists necessary materials, step-by-step directions, 90 full-page colored pictures, and patterns for projects that incorporate traditional crafts from her homeland with design aspects of contemporary Scandinavia: minimalism, functionalism, and inexpensive materials.
Along with Christmas cards and tree ornaments, Lundberg includes patterns for Advent and beaded-tree candle holders, decorations for tabletops and windows, and shares ways to make just about any room in the house more festive using paper, easy-to-find supplies, and the favorite items of Scandinavians: offerings from nature that transform the common into the beautiful. At this price, this book might be the bargain of the season.