Glædelig Jul: A Danish Cristmas Recipe Book


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by Dagmarette Yen


This beautiful Danish recipe book was released less than two months ago by first time author, Dagmarette Yen. This book will make a lovely holiday gift and because of its recent release, chances are unlikely that your friends or family will have this.

According to her bio, Dagmarette “spent her childhood atop the kitchen counter” where she learned the same cooking skills that her mother, who came to America from Denmark at age 18, learned from her grandmother.

In compiling this “art cookbook,” Dagmarette has taken the best of the customs, rituals and recipes from her mother’s Danish relatives and placed them in a lovely, colorful work of art that reflects the artistic skills she learned from her Chinese father.

Unlike common cookbooks that have recipes for many foods divided into categories such as appetizers, beverages, etc., this 50-page book’s focus is on Christmas foods only, and the chapters are separated into Night Before, Juleaften (or Christmas Eve), and Julebord, the Christmas table or Christmas spread. It is Dagmarette’s intention to preserve and share the holiday traditions that her family treasures when they gather “for the grandest feast of the year.” She has achieved this goal already by making this new marvelous work available.