Christmas in Noisy Village


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by Astrid Lindgren


Beginning in 1939, Lindgren —Sweden’s beloved children’s author — began writing books for young people. Her final two books were published posthumously in 2002, the year she died at age 94, and in 2007. Well, maybe these aren’t her final books; In January 2008, the national Library of Sweden inaugurated the Astrid Lindgren Archive and opened parts of it to the public, and other manuscripts may be developed.

In her almost 70 years of writing, she had composed over 100 books that have been translated into 84 languages and sold in over 100 countries. Many were made into movies, including those about her most famous character, “Pippi Longstocking”.  In 1999, her homeland voted her “the most popular Swede of the century”, a theme park in her hometown of Vimmerby bears her name, “Astrid Lindgren’s Varld”, and in the late 70s a Soviet astronomer even named a new minor planet after her.

According to Lindgren, the “noisy village,” a recurring location in some stories, was reminiscent of the small town where she grew up, and the boyish unkempt behavior of characters like Pippi was based on Lindgren’s recollections of herself as a young girl.  For ages 3 – 8.