Barns, Sheds and Outbuildings: A Practical Guide


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by Byron D. Halsted

This ecologically aware manual was written in 1881 with the farmer in mind — during a time when a laborer earned a mere dollar a day. When it was originally released, it was titled Barn Plans and Outbuildings.

Included are more than 250 illustrations and designs for nearly 100 structures spanning the gamut of farm buildings: from monumental barns (four stories high and covering nearly an acre) to lowly hen coops, root cellars, dog houses and bird houses, The particulars of their construction, recounted in simple and practical terms, tell a tale of life lived amid the changing seasons and the natural world.

Halsted’s building theories are based upon qualities good builders still hold dear: light and air, space, cost, and beauty, as well as permanence, convenience, and workability. The anecdotal style in this facsimile edition of the 1881 book can truly engage a reader, and it would make a fun and useful gift for those hard-to-shop-for men on your holiday list.