Barns of Minnesota


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Photography by Doug Ohman and Story by Will Weaver

Jacketed Hardcover


This book pays tribute to these vanishing rural icons that symbolize a way of life on the land that was as strong and proud, as fragile and humble, as the barns among us. The rise of agribusiness and corporate farming has made barns nearly obsolete, and the old barns that once anchored family farms across Minnesota are slowly vanishing due to technology and a century of Minnesota’s winters.
This book combines fact with fiction: the 85 stunning color photographs by Minnesotan Doug Ohman of these once numerous barns are accompanied by a small, moving novel — written by Minnesota’s own Will Weaver — about the life and death of one barn through the eyes of the family who built it. According to Weaver, barns “…are landmarks, they are icons, they are metaphors, they are symbols. There’s so much meaning packed into those old barns… They’re now as obsolete as the steamship, as the coal fired locomotive.”
A perfect gift for anyone over 20, these 125 pages (plus an Afterword by Weaver and Ohlman) stick with you long after you finish devouring the pictures and reading this uplifting, yet sad, story.
This is still my favorite story, and that of many of my friends and family.