The Tomten and The Fox


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by Astrid Lindgren


Astrid Lindgren’s second book about “tomter” involves a fox. When all is quiet around the farm at night, “tomter” wake up. Though no one has ever seen them, everyone knows “tomter” live on the farm and talk to the animals. In this book, children learn about a sly fox named Reynard who gets hungry and sneaks toward the farm in the moonlight to plunder it. However, it is the very farm a tomte is protecting. Rising to the occasion, the tomte does his best to cleverly protect the creatures, but then his very nature makes him feel pity for the fox.

Fun to read, and enduring the test of time, this book also teaches young children about sharing and wise decision-making. Like the book above, this story is filled with soft pastel artwork. For ages 4 – 9.