The Farmer’s Wife Cookbook


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by Martha Engstrom

Spiral Bound

Step back into great grandma’s kitchen in about 1893. Farm cooking was a tough job, but the results of that labor were completely satisfying: hearty, delicious meals that re-energized tired muscles and warmed the soul. The Farmer’s Wife Cookbook brings together more than 400 easy-to-follow recipes, some with suggested variations, and dozens of menus that originated in farm kitchens nationwide between 1893 and 1939.

Serve up a piece of the past as you savor the flavor of farm kitchen cooking! Long before the Internet and high-speed travel connected us all, The Farmers Wife magazine gave hard-working rural women a place to find and share advice about everything from raising chickens to running a farm kitchen.

All of the recipes in the following four cookbooks first appeared on the pages of The Farmer’s Wife magazine. The classic recipes in these cookbooks have been adapted for the needs of the modern kitchen, but they still preserve the flavor of a life dedicated to feeding not just the family, but also the nation.