Seasons on the Farm


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by Bob Artley


Beloved sketch artist Bob Artley’s many drawings, articles, and books have taken us back to a simpler, albeit more physically demanding, way of life. For Artley, every moment of historical farm life from doing “shores” to walking to school uphill each way triggered an opportunity for him to allow others to remember a bygone way of rural life.

A foreword by the late Paul Gruchow points out that books like this aren’t just about nostalgia; they are about “growing up, one of the half-dozen great themes of art.” Artley, the former Iowa farm kid, “has discovered the child buried within himself.” It is that child that Artley has so graciously shared with audiences for over 50 years. In this book, with almost 200 pages of sketches and quips, Artley takes the reader/viewer through the four seasons of life on a farm in the 1920’s-60’s: welcoming the first calf in the Spring, getting covered with cockleburs, skinny dipping after a long day of haying, etc.