Product Description

Paulstad’s 2016 Swedish Collector’s Calendar of Sweden is indeed a collector’s item and as gorgeous as it has been in the past years. Three photographers portray the people and scenery of Sweden including both rural and urban areas.

The 2016 Swedish calendar has delightful “Dala” paintings by artist Pieper Fleck Bloomquist on each page, and concludes with an explanation of the style and colors she used for the various months.

Similar to the Norwegian calendar mentioned above, Paulstad has designed this calendar to include short verses or proverbs in both Swedish and English for each month, and lists special days from Nyårsdagen to Nobeldagen when the Nobel Prizes are awarded, holidays and special church calendar days along with important dates in Swedish history, birth and/or death anniversaries of famous Swedes, the Scandinavian tradition of “name days,” and when and how to fly the Swedish flag.
Although this is a work of art, the calendar is also practical especially if you find yourself forgetting more and more things. There is enough room on this well-designed calendar to mark down when John Deere Day, the annual Lutefisk Supper at church and Midsommarsdagen will be held in the coming year.